Sept. 24, 2013  UPHW Lawsuit goes to court

News coverage of the Rio Tinto Lawsuit:

Care2 Website: Largest Open Pit Copper Mine in the World Pollutes Utah

Huffington Post (Dec. 25, 2011) Article:

“When winter comes to Utah and atmospheric conditions trap a soup of pollutants close to the ground, doctors say it turns every resident in the Salt Lake basin into the equivalent of a cigarette smoker…” (Dec. 27 2011) editorial:

“Taking inspiration from the Occupy Movement, last week a group of doctors and environmental groups in Salt Lake City, Utah announced a law suit against the third largest mining corporation in the world, Rio Tinto, for violating the Clean Air Act in Utah. This is likely the first time ever that physicians have sued industry for harming public health…”

News coverage of the Dec 19th press conference:

SL Tribune   Deseret News   KSL   Connect 2  Utah   ABC News   KCPW Podcast

Images from the press conference

Salt Lake Tribune (Dec. 16 2011) Op-Ed

Video Coverage of the Rio Tinto Lawsuit Press Conference:

Courtesy of EnviroNews are a number of video clips from the Rio Tinto lawsuit press conference.




Written on December 21st, 2011

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