Refinery Expansions

Rio Tinto 

Eliminating Sources of Air Toxics


We don’t need another Godzilla freeway,

we don’t need the West Davis Corridor,

we hardly need more air pollution

Freeways are a Public Health Hazard

Oct. 31, 2013.  UDOT agrees to delay the West Davis Corridor.  That’s their way of saying, “We screwed up.”

July 13, 2013  SL Tribune Op Ed by Colby Poulson.  The Governor’s answer to air pollution is for us all to drive less, meanwhile he’s authorizing $600 million to build another freeway to encourage us to drive more.

May 10, 2013 In house Op Ed by the SL Tribune

General Air Quality Issues

Op Ed on Air Quality and the refineries, May 10, Salt Lake Tribune by Dr. Brian Moench

Op Ed on Senate Bill 21 2012

Air Quality Board needs a Medical Doctor

Physicians in Congress attacking the EPA

Op Ed: Voluntarism alone won’t solve our pollution problem, Feb. 15, 2012, Deseret News

Op Ed:  Air Quality Boards cater to big polluters, June 17, 2011, SL Tribune

Wood Smoke:  The Air Pollution Elephant in the Room

Snake Valley

Snake Valley – Las Vegas Pipeline


Written on December 18th, 2011

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