All Utah children should be tested for lead poisoning

Dr. Claudia Fruin, founder of the Utah Lead Coalition, had a publication in the Deseret News on the dangers of lead poisoning to children.

We do not know how many of Utah’s young children are affected by lead poisoning because our state does not require routine testing. In 2018, only 3.6% of Utah preschool age children had a blood lead test reported. Unfortunately, 2% of those tested had an elevated level. Lead damages the developing nervous systems of young children and fetuses leading to lower IQ scores and many behavioral disorders. There is no safe level.

Read full Deseret News article here.

UPHE has partnered with the Utah Lead Coalition and Salt Lake County to impliment the Lead Safe Housing Program with the goal of reducing lead poisoning and increasing lead testing in Utah children. To learn more about lead poisoning and the Lead Safe Housing Program, click here.

Carlos Osorio, Associated Press