Warnings Against Holiday Travel

Despite the CDC’s guidelines against holiday travel, one million people still passed through US airports just on Friday. Look at the chart below on what happened in Canada after that country’s Thanksgiving which was on Oct. 12.

If we disregard the warnings to avoid holiday travel and gatherings, we will create a nationwide super spread event at a time where we are already at a crisis. This is where we’re at already:

Utah reported 3,395 new cases on Saturday and set a new record with 551 patients hospitalized — and those mostly are from diagnoses a week or two ago, when cases were lower.

…several doctors say the solutions still amount to rationing, with the quality of care deteriorating as hospitals are stretched thinner and thinner…with record numbers of new patients being admitted every day, they say the breaking point is all but inevitable…

What keeps me awake at night is that we have not felt the admissions of the 4,000-patient-a-day caseloads. We’re going to feel that in the next week or so. But our hospital already is at 100% capacity.

…state officials wouldn’t even implement a statewide mask order until after the current hospital crowding levels were predicted. They still won’t close gyms, bars or restaurants, as infectious disease specialists have recommended.

Utahns need to realize that being careless about spreading COVID-19 could mean displacing very sick patients…It’s going to be heartbreaking.