Sign Our Petition to Urge Gov. Officials to Listen to Health Professionals

Please join us to demand that our elected officials listen to our doctors, health care professionals and scientists when dealing with the Covid 19 virus. We should not be playing politics with people’s lives. 

We understand that economic pain carries its own public health consequences. But the White House’s plan to relax isolation efforts by Easter is premature, counter to all scientific evidence, and will only magnify and prolong both the human and economic losses.Relaxing conditions must be strictly a medical decision, made by medical experts, not a political decision made by politicians.  

As defenders of individual and public health, we urge our colleagues and the public to proclaim any policy that sacrifices lives for an economic resurgence to be morally repugnant, and must be resolutely condemned. Together we can push back against this. Please join us and sign the petition!

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