2019 SLC VegFest

Jonny, Georgie, and Bert had a great time representing UPHE at the 2019 SLC VegFest on Saturday, September 14th. We were able to education festival goers on two main topics – the proposed polluting inland port and the burning Amazon Rainforest.

The proposed inland port would not only increase diesel truck, train, and plane traffic, and in turn air pollution in our valley, but it would be built in the path of a mayor flyway – next to the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem. Great Salt Lake has been designated a Globally Important Bird Area, with 7,000 to 10,000 million migrating birds coming through every year. Building a polluting port in its wetlands threatens the health and habitat of birds. Read more here.

The burning of the Amazon Rainforest is happening due to crop and cattle farmers burning down segments of the rainforest to have more land to grow crops or raise cattle. This is a global devastation because the Amazon Rainforest is one of the biggest carbon sequestering ecological resources we have. Read more in a past UPHE post here.

Additionally, we were able to spread the word about our Lead Safe Housing Program, Burn Smart Program, and other issues UPHE has been working over the past year. Overall, we’d say it was a successful event!