Mission & Goals

Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of Utah residents by promoting science-based health education and interventions that result in progressive, measurable improvements to the environment. We encourage the development of renewable sources of energy, such as wind, as an essential step toward avoiding the unhealthy consequences of our excessive reliance on coal and petroleum. We believe that there are several solutions that if enacted, could dramatically improve the air quality in Utah, and thereby significantly improve our health.

From the beginning, UPHE has challenged the expansion of Utah’s refineries, incinerators, gravel pits & mining operations near populated areas. We have supported the drive for diesel emission testing and we’ve gone after those who sabotage pollution control devices. We have advocated for all forms of renewable energy, better transportation options and less urban sprawl. We have brought attention to high infant mortality rates and their possible connection to severe air pollution in Vernal, and how there is no safe level of pollution for anyone – especially pregnant women and young children. We have spoken out repeatedly on the dangers of wood burning because you are even more at risk from the pollution in your neighborhood, i.e. your “microenvironment,” than from the pollution in the community at large. We are currently working to make Utah a lead-free environment for all of Utah’s children.

The following list represents some of the policy goals that UPHE would like to see implemented.

  • A repeal of the Utah Inland Port
  • All new electric energy supplies for the state of Utah should come from renewable resources
  • State-of-the-art controls on existing plants
  • A reduction of the speed limit to 55mph when air pollution exceeds
    EPA limits
  • Public subsidies for mass transit, free ridership, and expanded service
  • A 20% emissions reduction strategy from the Air Quality Board
  • Effective enforcement of anti-tampering laws for all pollution controlled vehicles and engines in Utah
  • State funding for more extensive environmental monitoring
  • Strategies to increase public awareness about the negative health effects of air pollution
  • School buses that runs on alternative fuels to be used in Utah school districts
  • A ban on idling school buses in school yards while waiting for
  • The establishment of air pollution warnings that promote the safety of pregnant women and their unborn children.
  • Attainment of 25% renewable energy sources by the year 2030
  • Public educate on the sources of pollution and their health consequences
  • Medical expertise provided to organizations working on urban planning, renewable power, increasing fuel efficiencies, and transportation alternatives.

UPHE is an affiliate of: The Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health

We know that no matter what party we belong to, we all value our families’ health and our beautiful land. But we need to speak louder, have better platforms and try harder to reach a wider audience and share the overwhelming medical and scientific research on pollution.