Inland Port

The inland port subsidizes fossil fuel in the midst of a climate crisis.
Say NO to the transloading facility and more air pollution.

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The Business Case Against the Inland Port

White Paper on the Utah Inland Port
Dr. Robert C. Leachman, a professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California at Berkeley wrote a report evaluating the commercial potential of UIPA’s proposed trans-loading facility.

Reporters’ Briefing on Dr. Leachman’s report
Read our statement/summary of the report.

Press conference on the release of Dr, Leachman’s report on the business viability of the Utah Inland Port.

Interactive map of Utah Inland Port “project areas” and their proximity to wetlands

Salt Lake City Inland Port Map

Increased traffic from the Utah Inland Port will mean more diesel trucks, more cars, more trains, and more air pollution along the Wasatch Front. June 9, 2021

Recent News and Updates on the Utah Inland Port:

What is the proposed inland port?

Please watch this video for a greater understanding of what the inland port would be and how it has the potential to threaten our health and the environment.

​In 2018, the state of Utah took control of tax revenue and land use decisions for more than 25% of Salt Lake City to facilitate the construction of an ‘inland port’ – a giant freight transfer and warehousing facility proposed for the city’s northwest side.

About 10,000 acres of the area is undeveloped and is part of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem, which provides habitat for over 10 million migratory birds from over 300 species. The proposed port would further harm our air quality, increase greenhouse gas emissions, create noise and light pollution, and harm critical wildlife habitat.

Read the report on the port done by the Stop the Polluting Port Coalition, Common Sense vs. the Utah Inland Port, that details how the proposed Utah Inland Port would negatively impact our state. This report written and published by the Stop the Polluting Port coalition.

Repeal the Port

In March of 2018, in a last minute move, the Utah Legislature created the Utah Inland Port Authority. This power grab resulted in the state taking control of future tax revenue from over 25% of Salt Lake City for creation of a giant warehouse and freight transfer facility next to critical Great Salt Lake bird habitat.

The proposed port will pollute our air and water, destroy wildlife habitat and contribute to the climate crisis. We need our elected officials to do the right thing and repeal the legislation that created the polluting port. Please take a moment to send a message to urge legislators urging them to support legislation that would repeal the Utah Inland Port Authority:


Our musical guest at the Repeal the Port Rally was the Slick Rock Stranger with his new song about the Utah Inland Port. The song is available for purchase/download HERE. Here are some photos from the February 3rd Repeal the Port Rally at the Utah State Capitol:

Stop the Polluting Port Coalition

UPHE is one of several local organizations in the Salt Lake Valley that make up the Stop the Polluting Port Coalition.

The Stop the Polluting Port Coalition is a group of concerned citizens, communities and organizations asking Utah’s elected leaders to stop the polluting port. The community groups and organizations that make up the Coalition want to stop the proposed Utah inland port in order to protect the health and well being of humans, the environmental, and wildlife in the Salt Lake Valley.

To join the Coalition, sign up for our mailing list for status updates and dates of upcoming meetings and events.

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How You Can Help

Learn about the issue and get involved – people power works and the good news is that we are having an impact on this disastrous project.

Educate Yourself

Watch this short video of Brian Moench discussing the dangers of an inland port in the Salt Lake Valley to the health of community members. The Community Forum on the Inland Port was hosted by the Coalition for Port Reform, who is fighting to keep an inland port out of the Salt Lake Valley.

Speak Up

  • Sign and share our petition to Stop the Polluting Port on your social media. ​
  • Testify at one of the monthly Port Authority Board meetings. You can either speak during the public comment period, comment on action items, or register your concerns via written comments.
  • Reach out to your state legislators, county and city representatives, and candidates for office and voice your concerns.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed. Getting a letter or Op-Ed published in your local newspaper can help raise community awareness and influence decision makers.
  • Spread the word on social media.​