SLC ok with trading representation on Inland Port Board for returned tax revenue

The Inland Port brings dirty energy and increased emissions to the Wasatch Front amid air quality issues.

The Utah Legislature is pushing through a bill (H.B. 443) that removes Salt Lake’s only representation on the Utah Inland Port Authority Board. While the bill does return 25% of its 75% revenue from property taxes, it completely shuts residents paying those taxes out of the decision making process.  

The Inland Port not only uses Salt Lake County tax money for its operations, but also has an adverse impact on Salt Lake County by drastically increasing traffic and emissions in the area, while accounting for ⅓ of Salt Lake’s developable land area. 

While local leaders may be okay with the payout, residents are not. Residents like Jan Ellen Burton have expressed their disdain with accessibility to the Board already. “I attended the last UIPA board meeting in hopes of getting more information. Instead, after a long pause because of technical difficulties, I was confronted with a beautiful presentation of scenery in southern Utah, touting the advantages of a “green environment,” which had nothing to do with Salt Lake City’s Inland Port” Burton wrote in an op-ed earlier this month. 

Taxpayers and local residents should not be footing the bill for an unaccountable, polluting project that is damaging our air quality, health, and quality of life.

H.B. 443 is currently in the State Senate so please find and call your State Senators and urge them to keep local representation on the board by voting NO on H.B. 443.

Read the op-ed here.

Concerned citizens at a former hearing on previous Inland Port legislation. Although we may not be able to show up in person this time, you can still express your concern to your legislators via phone, public comment, or email.