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About Us

Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE) is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of the residents of Utah by promoting science-based education and interventions that result in progressive, measurable improvements to the environment. For a quick introduction to our hard working organization, watch this short video:

UPHE is the largest civic organization of health care professionals in Utah. We have grown to about 430 physicians and over 3,500 members of the public. In addition to members of the general public who want clean air and a clean future, we also have other health care professionals as members, including biologists, toxicologists, engineers and air quality specialists.

We are concerned about the health risks present in our environment. Overwhelming, convincing evidence in medical literature demonstrates that a wide array of chronic diseases are more common among people who are exposed to more air pollution, especially particulates.

Since the group’s formation in March 2007, UPHE has met with former Governor John Huntsman Jr., the Air Quality Board, the Public Service Commission, several local mayors, local business leaders, media, and concerned citizens.

On March 30, 2007, five physicians from UPHE presented Governor Huntsman with good evidence showing how many more people have coronary and cerebrovascular events (heart attacks and strokes) when air particulates are high. Some of the best studies on the relationship between air quality and public health have come out of Utah. For example, when a local steel mill closed 15 years ago, there was a landmark study in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that hospital admissions for pneumonia and asthma were reduced by HALF.

We feel that the technology is currently available to make Utah a healthier and cleaner place. We are striving to convince our local business and government leaders that the health of all Utahns should come first.