Protect Parley’s Canyon

Parley’s Canyon is under threat from a proposed mine. UPHE, along with other groups has filed a lawsuit to attempt to protect the canyon. Take action in one of the following ways:

Join the growing number of voices in opposition to the mine.

Contribute to the coalition’s legal fund for the protection of the canyon

Utah government officials are elected to represent the people. Let them know where you stand on this issue.

Let the mine proponents know that the community is against destruction of the canyon.

Video from Save Parleys

Nov. 12, 2021- A recently formed LLC, Tree Farm filed a notice of intent, to “commence small mining operations” in Utah’s popular and frequently recreated Parley’s Canyon. Their proposal shows intent of a much larger extraction operation than those eligible for small mining permits.

Photo taken near Granduer Peak of existing mining operation. The new proposed mine would be 12x this size.

UPHE’s concerns over the mine include additional dust and diesel pollution generated by the mine that will only add to the health and quality of life consequences from existing sources of environmental degradation in the valley. Mt. Aire residents would be particularly exposed to chronic, persistent pollution. And it seems nearly certain that water quantity and quality in the area (Parley’s creek, Millcreek, and groundwater) will be diminished and degraded.  It is notable also that the application includes not just limestone mining, but also heavy metals.

Dec. 10, 2021- Salt Lake County held an emergency meeting and voted to submit a change to the county’s Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone, or FCOZ, to the planning commission. This could potentially block the proposed mine and any attempt to dig new mines in the Wasatch canyons and foothills.

Recent News and Updates on the Proposed Mine:

Map of the proposed new mine. Courtesy of Bill Rice

Partners in the lawsuit to protect Parley’s include Save Parley’s, Save Our Canyons, HEAL Utah, City of Millcreek, and other concerned residents.