Parley’s mine in July?

Salt Lake Valley residents are well aware of the negative impacts a new mine in Parley’s Canyon would have on their health and quality of life. 

As expected, however, Jesse Lassley and Granite Construction continue to tune out resident concerns, and are attempting to bypass the County Council’s decision to block the mine and protect residents. They have apparently cozied up to some powerful legislators to do that. 

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the company filed paperwork to begin operations as soon as mid-July, which “provide little information about how it intends to mine and mitigate the quarry’s dust emissions, noise and potential impacts to groundwater, wildlife and the nearby Mt. Aire Canyon community. The company’s application outlined a 20-acre project eligible for an expedited review under Utah mine regulations, potentially cutting out the public on any decision making.

We are beyond skeptical that the operations would fit under the small-mining criteria, due to the initial proposal, land acquisition history, and incessant attempts to push it through from the proponents. Being vague should not be the answer to getting your way when the consequences for the public are so severe. 

If this mine actually happens despite nearly universal public opposition, it will be prima facie evidence of an abject failure of our government to protect its citizens. 

“The higher reaches of Parleys Canyon, above the mine site, are within a protected watershed that supplies 360,000 Salt Lake County residents with culinary water. The canyon is rimmed with popular hiking spots where thousands of people go to enjoy the views. The quarry would be cut into the south side of the canyon between Grandeur Peak and Mt. Aire, both accessed by popular trails from Mill Creek Canyon” the Tribune writes. 

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