Proposed Mine in Parley’s Canyon renamed I-80 South Quarry

Remember the plan to rip a huge open pit aggregate mine in the heart of Parley’s Canyon? It’s still on the table. Ironically named “Tree Farm” has announced their intention to bring in a company, Granite Construction, likely due to the Tree Farm owner’s lack of mining experience. 

(Christopher Cherrington | The Salt Lake Tribune)

Bringing in a company with expertise doesn’t counteract the fundamental flaws of this proposal. Developer Jesse Lassley, the owner of Tree Farm (who recently sold his home in neighboring community Mt. Aire) has posted a new website claiming benefits to the community from the mine. He says if the mine is not developed, we will see increased “air emissions, road wear, and fuel use.  This will impact the citizens of the state through more traffic, diminished air quality, and higher taxes.” There are already about 20 such mines on the Wasatch Front, i.e. no shortage of aggregate mines. The idea that this is closer to future development and therefore will reduce truck trips and truck emissions is nonsense. The two areas with the most future growth will be the West side of the Salt Lake Valley, and Draper. This mine is not close to either one, and there are already existing mines much closer.

We urge you to start calling the Governor’s office again, 801-538-1000, and tell him: Under no circumstances should he allow any state agency to give a green light to this terrible idea. And if the legislature passes some special legislation that strangles the ability of Salt Lake City or Salt Lake County to prevent this, he must veto any such bill.

Call Governor Cox, and tell him, “No new mines in Parley’s Canyon.”

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