PurpleAir’s Citizen Air Monitors

“With the advancement in digital technologies, the process of monitoring air quality is shifting rapidly from expensive, bureaucratic government-run programs to actual citizen engagement.”

UPHE is working with one of our stellar volunteers, Adrian Dybwad from Draper, Utah, to establish a network of high-quality, citizen-based particulate air pollution monitors up and down the Wasatch Front. These high-tech, laser monitors can detect standard PM10 and PM2.5, and also particles down as small as 0.3 µg. Even better? These monitors deliver real time data online. Go to www.purpleair.org to see for yourself! It shows the location of the monitors in place so far and what kind of data readings are being gathered. The map even shows the location and records data from the State of Utah air monitors so you can compare the various readings and locations. You can find additional information provided by the Utah Division of Air Quality at http://www.airmonitoring.utah.gov.

To be clear, these new generations of monitors have not yet been cleared and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, although the agency is quite aware of this technological advancement and is investigating them for further analysis. UPHE is also working hard to confirm that these new monitors are accurate, the first step in making sure that the data is credible. But be assured that this technological breakthrough represents a new phase in citizen engagement with regards to cleaning up our air, something we are extremely excited about.

If you would like to be considered for a possible location of one of these monitors, or for more information about this new and upcoming program please send an email to upheinfo@gmail.com