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UPHE is opposed to the proposal to dredge Utah Lake and build artificial islands. The $6.5 billion proposal by “Lake Restoration Solutions” (LRS) would allegedly be paid for by building a city of up to 500,000 on artificial islands in the lake. The proposal allocates about half of its 18,000 acres of islands to private development. The Lake is currently managed as public land. Documents obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune show that LRS is seeking nearly $1 billion in state and federal assistance for the project. 

A group of over 100 scientists and experts opposed the proposal openly through a letter raising fundamental concerns the proposal would worsen Utah Lake’s water quality, devastate it ecologically and disrupt ongoing restoration efforts. On top of disrupting the Lake’s ecology, this 15 year project would bring in more traffic, and pollution to an already over polluted valley. A project this scale has never been done before, and ones much smaller have failed and left communities and tax payers to clean up the mess. 

There’s legislation this session that would establish a Utah Lake Authority. H.B. 232 creates an authority which would be run by appointed, not elected, officials. This removes accountability from lawmakers, and reduces public input and influence. We’re opposed to this legislation, and want to keep the public involved. Please fill out our simple form to find and contact your Representatives to oppose this bill!

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