Resident objection may help curb Parley’s Canyon mine

Salt Lake County is paying attention to over 20,000 residents who signed the petition against a new mine in beloved Parley’s Canyon. We asked you to comment against the mine at the county’s Mountainous Planning District meeting last week, and many did. We were pleased with the outpouring of support, as air quality is a top issue for Salt Lake County residents.

The result was a unanimous agreement that the commission would do what it can to prevent a new mine. “It recommends that the county make ordinance changes that would strike mineral extraction and processing in any county forestry and recreation zones, as well as amend other clerical procedures related to mining throughout Salt Lake County” a KSL article writes. 

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do so because this process is not yet over. 

The mine would inevitably be a source of air, dust, noise and eye pollution, as well as increasing traffic and emissions along the Wasatch Front. Proponents of the mine make a ridiculous argument that the mine being closer to the city would be a benefit. Residents obviously saw through that argument.

Find the full KSL article here.