Don’t allow a rock quarry up Parley’s Canyon

The Deseret News had an excellent in-house editorial against mining bills SB172 and HB502. Both bills would open the door for the highly contested rock quarry in Parley’s Canyon. Both bills heavily favor mining interests at the expense of local governments’ ability to regulate or deny mining operations.

We have pre-written messages outlining issues with both bills, ready to be signed and sent to prospective members of the legislature before they vote. We highly encourage you to edit the messages in your own words, or call your legislators to increase the impact. 

We agree with the Deseret News editorial, “Let us state this clearly: Parleys Canyon, the entrance to the beautiful Salt Lake Valley, should not be home to a mine.”

Mine proponents have been trying to force this mine on residents. Local governments are attempting to protect their residents from the massive dust that would come from the proposed operations by passing an ordinance that would prohibit them. 

The bills, sponsored by Sen. Curtis Bramble (SB 172) and Rep. Casey Snider (HB 502), would restrict local governments’ control over mining operations, making it difficult for them to challenge or deny such activities. The editorial emphasizes the rushed nature of considering such bills during the legislative session and highlights the opposition from various entities, including Salt Lake County, municipalities, and associations representing local governments.

“If these bills become law, Salt Lake County would be unable to stop two mining projects near the entrance to the Salt Lake Valley off I-80 in Parleys Canyon.”

Find the full editorial here, and please take action above!