Press Conference Addressing Rio Tinto & the Port

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 26th at 10:00 am UPHE and the Stop the Polluting Port Coalition help a virtual press conference addressing Rio Tinto’s connection to the dirty Utah Inland Port. There was a line up of great speakers, addressing the many things we are concerned about, all asking Rio Tinto to do the right thing.

Watch the press conference here (it’s about 25 min long).

Rio Tinto’s response is what we expected at this point: non-committal, evasive, excusing themselves, and they’re only doing what the legislature said they could. We won’t let them off that easily. We will continue our campaign, and with your help we will hold them accountable to do the right thing.

Here you can read the letter the Stop the Polluting Port sent to the Rio Tinto headquarters in London, urging them to remove themselves from the Utah Inland Port development.

Here are links to the news stories:

Salt Lake Tribune:

The call to action was signed by 28 organizations — including the League of Women Voters of Salt Lake, the Westpointe Community Council, the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club and Utah Moms for Clean Air — as well as a number of community members.

Our request they make their inland port property a conservation easement is reasonable and fair,” said Brian Moench, board president of the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, during a news conference Wednesday. “On the other hand, for Rio Tinto to pursue yet a new way to profit from exploiting the residents of Utah is unreasonable, unfair and in fact unconscionable.”

Deseret News:

Fox 13 News: 

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