Dioxins have long been recognized as near the top of a long list of the most toxic chemicals. Human exposure to dioxins comes from industrial emissions, incinerators, and wood and cigarette smoke. Dioxins inevitably make it into the food chain and accumulate and concentrate as you go up the food chain. Most human exposure comes from eating meat, especially beef, and other animal byproducts, and is intensified by preparation involving smoke and high temperatures, like barbecuing.

A new study in animals shows that maternal exposure to dioxins at levels common in our environment, impair the immune systems of the next four generations.

Multiple types of environmental contaminants, including air pollution, have been shown to cause genetic damage that ends up harming heart, lung, and brain function. This is the first study that shows it also impairs the immune system, and the damage continued into the “great grand children” of those exposed.

UPHE has fought and continues to fight against any and all incinerators in our community. And for your own good we encourage you to adjust your diet accordingly. Never burn wood, and don’t patronize restaurants that do.