Press Conference Addressing Inland Port Construction

UPHE joined other groups at a press conference on October 16, 2019 in calling for an immediate cessation of warehouse construction activity in the one area within the port boundaries that is controlled by the city. Construction has already begun despite no health, environmental, or wildlife impact study, and no master plan.

The Deseret News did an excellent job covering the press conference and the Salt Lake Tribune also publish an article on it.

Frankly, Salt Lake City officials and all the members of the Salt Lake City Council that voted to allow this development even before legislature officially “launched the port” made a huge mistake allowing this to happen. Those who joined us yesterday saw first hand how much damage the bulldozers have already done, and how much air pollution is being kicked up just from the fugitive dust. The overwhelming majority of SL Valley residents don’t want this, and UPHE will continue to work every angle possible to stop it.

Jonny Vasic, Executive Director of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, pointed out one possible problem for humans when a long construction truck drove by creating a dust cloud that temporarily engulfed the news conference.

That “is a good example of fugitive dust, which can pose serious health risks to our lungs and cardiovascular systems,” said Jonny.