Mayoral Candidates & How the Port Became the #1 Issue

The dirty energy inland port is THE issue in the race for Salt Lake City Mayor. Robert Gehrke of the Salt Lake Tribune gives a brief but important explanation of who is the blame for the inland port and how Salt Lake ended up in this mess.

Robert looks at what the two mayoral candidates, Erin Mendenhall and Luz Escamilla, have said about the inland port and breaking it down.

” I thought I’d take a little time to unravel some of the competing viewpoints — not so much as a fact check or to say one candidate is right or wrong — but to contextualize what happened and hopefully help voters understand what the city did (or didn’t do) leading to the port” Robert wrote in his article.

What is even more important than knowing how we got here is what are we going to do now? At UPHE we believe that if the public keeps fighting this, the public will eventually win. And we’re going to continue to help the public do exactly that.

Learn more about the inland port here.