Port Board Meeting & Public Opposition

Thanks to everyone who came out to the official “port” meeting yesterday and either protested or testified. It is very important that the obvious public resistance to this “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” idea not diminish over time. We need a continued show of resistance to every meeting going forward.

The Salt Lake Tribune quoted UPHE’s own Georgie Corkery in her testimony, “A clean, green, or sustainable port is a farce. It is a fairy tale.” Indeed. You can put filters on cigarettes but they’re still deadly.

You can put filters on cigarettes, but they’re still deadly. Similarly, the port authority can say they will build an environmentally friendly port, but it will still result in increases air, water, noise, and light pollution, bird collisions, and environmental injustice.

The port would be a huge mistake, and everyone on the Wasatch Front will be affected by it.