Increased US Air Pollutants

Fox 13 did a good job of addressing the national story that in the US, for the first time in many years, the air pollution is getting worse. This increase in air pollution coincides with the Trump Administration rolling back over 80 different environmental regulations, most of which are intended to clean up our air.

Poor public policy allowing dirtier air actually kills people. This increase in air pollution of about 5% over the last three years will have led to the deaths of an additional 10,000 people per year throughout the United States.

Fox 13 asked UPHE to weigh in on the story:
“The Trump administration has been very aggressive in rolling back a whole series of environmental regulations,” said Dr. Brian Moench.

“If we increase our air pollution 5 or 10 percent from something like the inland port which is almost undoubtedly what will happen we’re gonna have more deaths along the Wasatch front from air pollution,” said Moench.

UPHE estimates that 1,000-2,000 people die every year due to the air pollution in Utah. If we allow it to become worse from the inland port, massive import-export center is slated to add thousands of semis and cars up and down I-80, more Utahns will die as a result. Watch the news report here.