Lead Prevention Week

October 20th – 26th was National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. Awareness of lead poisoning is important, especially in Utah where children and pregnant women are at risk as evidenced by our most recent state data showing that around 2% of children 5 years and younger have elevated lead levels.

Check out the Desert News’s recent Letter to the Editor written by Dr. Claudia Fruin to learn more about preventing lead poisoning in Utah. Dr. Fruin is the UPHE consultant on lead and founder of the Utah Lead Coalition.

The good news is that lead poisoning is preventable. Although a child is unlikely to have symptoms of lead poisoning except at high levels, a simple blood test can done in your healthcare provider’s office to detect lead exposure.

To kick off Lead Prevention Week, UPHE and Salt Lake County co-hosted Party in the Park – a family friendly event promoting the Lead Safe Housing Program and healthy neighborhoods and homes. Learn more about the program here.