We Don’t Want a Natural Gas Plant in Utah

The Intermountain (coal-fired) Power Plant at Delta is scheduled to be shut down by 2025, and that’s a very good thing. It is currently the largest source of power for Los Angeles. However, the mayor of Los Angeles has been behind a proposal to replace it with a natural gas power plant which isn’t really much better for green house gas emissions than a coal plant.

Natural gas, and the fracking required to produce it, is still “dirty energy,” and it would still pollute Utah’s air and water to provide power to Los Angeles.

This proposal is inconsistent with California’s avowed goal of being a world leader in reducing carbon emissions. Numerous environmental groups sent a letter to the mayor and other city officials calling on them to abandon the idea in favor of truly clean sources of power. UPHE was part of that coalition signing the letter and we were mentioned in the LA Times. Read full arcile here.