KRCL: 7 Misconceptions about Air Pollution

UPHE Execuative Director, Jonny Vasic, and President, Dr. Brian Moench, discussed our recent Op Ed about the seven deadly misconceptions about our air pollution on KRCL. You can hear the podcast starting at 31:28 in the program here.

Read the list of misconceptions about air quality below and read the full Op Ed here.

  •  First misconception: Winter inversions are “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”
  • Second misconception: Air pollution primarily provokes breathing problems.
  • Third misconception: Thankfully inversions are only short term problems, most of the time our air is clean … “ish.”
  • Fourth misconception: Relax, we seldom violate EPA standards, everything’s fine.
  • Fifth misconception: We have on average only about 14 days in the winter where pollution is an issue.
  • Sixth misconception: Air pollution is a single entity and cars are our biggest problem.
  • Seventh misconception: The problem is unsolvable because we live in a geographic bowl which traps the pollution.