A Victory against a Fracking Sand Mine near Kanab

It’s easy to get discouraged about our environment these days. At the state and federal level it can feel like we are overrun by politicians and business people that seemingly just don’t care about the consequences of how they want to make money.

But we are delighted to point out that sometimes we have a real victory. The proposed fracking sand mine near Kanab has been withdrawn by its proponents! No doubt public pressure applied by many groups, UPHE was one of them, eventually put the issue in a better prospective for the business people behind it. We thank Kem Gardner’s company for “seeing the light.”

Congratulations to everyone that helped with the campaign, and this proves that grassroots activism can have victories, and we fully expect to have many more of them with your help.

Read full story coverage by the Salt Lake Tribune here: https://www.sltrib.com/news/environment/2020/01/09/proponents-back-away/?fbclid=IwAR2izbemEFEEpzo3AURDgZkw0MEodMCE-e_aPvJ8dAQ6Kc31fa9ztyIYx-0