Report on the Port: Common Sense vs. the Utah Inland Port

Last Wednesday, January 22, the Stop the Polluting Port coalition released its report outlining the potential environmental harms from the proposed Utah Inland Port: Common Sense vs. the Utah Inland Port.

Kirty Jones, on UPHE’s board of directors, spoke about the negative health impact the port would have with the increase of air pollution from the port. We will use this report to educate elected officials during the legislative session that starts today! Please read and share the report.

Read full report here.

We don’t often get involved in Utah’s tax policy. But all of us that are concerned about Utah’s environment, air pollution, and the quality of life on the Wasatch Front, should take notice of what just happened on Capitol Hill. After massive public opposition, Gov. Herbert and legislative leaders have reversed course on a very unpopular “tax reform” package that they passed just one month ago.

There’s a big lesson to be learned here. Grassroots activism can work! Public pressure can force sanity upon Utah’s Capitol Hill. The same thing can happen with other terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideas like the inland port! And UPHE intends to ramp up public opposition until they reverse course on this as well.

Mark your calendars for the Repeal the Port Rally, Monday, Feb. 3 at 4:00 pm at the Capitol Rotunda. Show the legislature that we will not be force fed the dirty energy inland port. We will not sacrifice our future for the profits of special interests.

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