Dr. Moench Op Ed: Clean Air and Education

UPHE’s board president and founder, Dr. Brian Moench, has an Op Ed in the SL Tribune on a new idea on how to improve education for Utah’s school children. Even at low levels, air pollution is a potent brain toxin. The best and cheapest way to improve education in Utah is to clean up our air.

“In soon to be published research from New York University, researchers found that scrubbing already ‘clean air,’ by placing an inexpensive ($700), high performance room air purifier in each classroom, capable of reducing particulate pollution 90%, improved math and english test scores about 0.2 standard deviations, or about 5%. Think of an air purifier as a brain purifier.

“For a fraction of the cost of one new high school, every classroom in the state could be equipped with an effective air purifier. As important as buildings are, they cannot compensate for young brains inflamed, under biologic stress, and compromised by pollution.”

Read full Op Ed here.