Fox 13 Air Pollution Reports

Fox 13 did a short series of investigative reporting on air pollution in Salt Lake City and what causes it. The first in the series looked into the pollution that will likely come from the inland port.

Watch as the Fox Journalist, Max Roth, asks the head of the Port Authority, Jack Hedge, who “hedges” and squirms when he’s asked if the port will make our air pollution worse. Then he makes a ridiculous claim that the port might actually improve our air quality. Unbelievable in every sense of the word.

Watch Fox 13’s first report on air pollution and the inland port here.

The second extended piece they did is about the dust coming from the shrinking Great Salt Lake. Tiny dust particles from dry parts of the lake can blow into the valley and contribute to our poor air quality. This is why UPHE is adamantly opposed to the Bear River Project, because it would steal another 25% of the water flowing into the Great Salt Lake, exposing more dry lake bed, and causing more dust.

Watch Fox 13’s second report on air pollution and dust here.

The final pieces in the air pollution series by Fox 13 is on mining and refineries. They weren’t as hard on Kennecott and the refineries as they could have been. But UPHE thanks Fox for raising the issue because state agencies have always treated industry with kid gloves, almost pretending that they are hardly contributors to the problem, and that’s simply not the case.

Watch Fox 13’s third report on air pollution and mining and refineries here.

Thank you, Fox 13, for trying to educate the public about our air pollution.