Tooele Inland Port

UPHE is concerned about the proposal to build a 10,000 acre inland port in Tooele. Proponents are suggesting it as an alternative to the proposed Salt Lake City inland port – this is misleading as the reality is it would end up being “in addition to” the Salt Lake City port. This plan was cooked up behind closed doors, would negatively affect Tooele residents, and produce more air pollution and health problems just like the original plan.

“We live in a world where the rich and powerful and politically connected write public policy to increase their advantage and their wealth at the expense of everyone else, and there is no better example of both of these pernicious trends than the dirty energy inland port.”
-Dr. Brian Moench

The Deseret News did an article on the Tooele Port, discussing the detail behind it. In that article Deeda Seed is quoted, voicing concern:

“There are lots and lots of questions that need to be answered,” said Deeda Seed, a campaigner with the Center for Biological Diversity and a lead organizer of the group Stop the Polluting Port. “I would urge everyone in Tooele County to contact their county commissioners and say, ‘What the heck’s going on, and when are we the public going to get information about what you all are up to?’”

For this proposal, we have the same questions as we do for the original proposed port in Salt Lake City (questions that still have yet to be answered):

  • What will this do to the quality of life in Tooele?
  • Why are these proposals always cooked up behind closed doors?
  • What are the air quality impacts?
  • What are the tax breaks and infrastructure help developers expect to receive?
  • What do the people in Tooele think about turning all their open space into warehouses and truck/train yard facilities?
  • What will happen to wildlife habitat?

Read news report on the Tooele inland port done by the Deseret News here.