Utah’s Air Quality Issue: Problems and Solutions

Although Utah is a land of outdoor wonders, the state has a distressing air pollution problem. In some areas like Salt Lake City, geography exacerbates the issue; air quality in the Wasatch Front metropolitan region often ranks among the worst in the nation.

Utah’s Air Quality Issues: Problems and Solutions, a new book published by the University of Utah Press, is the first book to tackle the subject.  Written by experts in fields including chemical engineering, economics, atmospheric science, health care, law, parks and recreation and public policy, the book provides a one-stop resource on the causes, impacts, and possible solutions to the state’s air quality dilemma.

UPHE is represented in two chapters: the chapter on environmental justice and advocacy was written by our former Executive Director, Denni Cawley, and the chapter on health was written by our Board President, Dr. Brian Moench.

This book is a must read with everything you need to understand Utah’s air pollution problem and what you can do about it. We highly recommend reading it to understand the air you live in. Click here to purchase.