A Victory for Water Conservation

A major environmental and economic victory has been won for water conservation! After 14 years, the Southern Nevada Water Authority did not appeal the Nevada District Courts decision to block the controversial Las Vegas, Nevada water pipeline project.

District Court to hear Las Vegas pipeline appeals this week - Las ...

Kyle Roerink and Steve Erickson co-authored an excellent commentary in the Salt Lake Tribune opinion section:
The tale of two pipelines for desert cities.

Nevadans and Utahns won a major economic and environmental victory in mid-April that will help protect air quality along the Wasatch Front and the Great Basin’s fragile water supply –– including Great Salt Lake.

After weeks of deliberation, the Southern Nevada Water Authority declined to appeal a resounding rejection of its Las Vegas pipeline project by a Nevada District Court – essentially ending the 14-year legal fight over water applications in Nevada’s Spring, Cave, Dry Lake and Delamar Valleys (Spring Valley’s water ultimately flows into Great Salt Lake).

Since the project’s inception in 1989, opponents have known what the judge affirmed: The there is no surplus water for export.

Steve Erickson had been involved in the effort to kill this application since it first appeared in 1989 – a long battle that paid off. UPHE applauds all the water warriors at the Great Basin Water Network for all their hard work.