“Fun-Sized” Nuclear Power Plant Amid Climate Crisis

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) is a consortium of small municipal power companies from cities throughout the state. With the noble intention of finding sources of electricity from something other than fossil fuels, and at the persuasion of lobbyists for the nuclear industry, they started putting their money into a project to start the first ever series of SMR (small modular nuclear reactors). 

The radiation from every phase of the nuclear fuel cycle is another form of pollution, and should be considered as unacceptable, or even more so, as any other new source of pollution.

We applaud those cities that have withdrawn from this nuclear power boondoggle, and hope all the others will as well.  

Read this Salt Lake Tribune article on this proposed nuclear power plant.

Opponents are continuing to line up against a nuclear power project that has the backing of a number of Utah municipalities ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline to back out of the project.

Two cities back out as critics line up against Utah-supported municipal nuclear power project
(Photo: NuScale) Artist’s rendering of NuScale Power’s small modular nuclear reactor plant.