SLC – Ranked Among the Worst Globally for Air Quality

Salt Lake City, Utah was ranked as one of the worst cities for air quality in the world last week at 5th most polluted. Unfortunately, we at UPHE aren’t surprised by this, but we are certainly dismayed.

ABC 4 News wrote an article on the issue and asked UPHE physicians to weigh in:

Because there is a higher concentration of damaging chemicals in wood smoke, and many of the particles are smaller, allowing them to be more easily inhaled, picked up by the bloodstream, and delivered throughout the body, causing biologic stress wherever they end up,” said Dr. Moench. “And that can be in the heart, brain, kidneys, and even the placenta of a pregnant mother.

Read full ABC 4 News article here.

With this current disheartening ranking, we are unable to understand why Utah legislators are pushing for developments such as the Utah Inland Port – a development that would bring

Here is a list the article provided to keep yourself safe and health when Salt Lake is experiencing moderate to high levels of air pollution:

  • Stay indoors and use air purifiers to improve indoor air quality.  
  • Don’t barbecue. Not only does barbecuing increase the pollution you inhale, it significantly increases toxic chemicals that you absorb through your skin and clothes.  
  • Don’t exercise in pollution levels this high.  
  • If possible, don’t add to the pollution by driving your car.  Eat healthy, with plenty of anti-oxidant rich foods.