Air Pollution Can Cause Almost All Cancers

Several years ago the World Health Organization declared air pollution the most important environmental cause of cancer. Just about every type of cancer can be caused by air pollution, but like with smoking, the most common cancers triggered are lung cancer and bladder cancer. But every other type of cancer is also associated with air pollution, including childhood leukemia and the most common types in adults–prostate cancer in men, and breast cancer in women.

A new study shows that living within 20 miles of an oil refinery is associated with an increased risk of multiple types of cancer, and the closer you live to a refinery, the greater the risk. With five refineries in North Salt Lake and South Davis County, there is little doubt that there is an increased risk of cancer for a large area of the Wasatch Front. 

UPHE has joined several other national organizations in suing the EPA over inadequate protection from the toxic emissions and the hazardous risks from refineries.

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