COVID “Long Hauler” Patients

We are learning more about COVID “long hauler” patients, and it all points to even more reason to be vigilant in avoiding the activities proven to spread the disease. It appears about one in ten patients that test positive can end up with long term symptoms.

Tens of thousands of COVID patients are requiring multiple hospitalizations. Between 11% and 20% of hospitalized patients are having to be readmitted within 60 days of discharge for persistence or re-emergence of serious disorders, including shortness of breath, repeated pneumonia, “blood clots, heart trouble, sepsis, gastrointestinal symptoms” or other issues like brain fog. Read more.

Reading this story about a patient that has been hospitalized seven times for COVID is a helpful cautionary tale:

Even if they had a very mild course, at least one-third have significant symptomology two to three months out.