Take Action to Address Climate Change

UPHE is part of a national organization of physicians, the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, that now represents 60% of physicians in the country. We are calling for immediate action to address the climate crisis. More specifically, we are asking all physicians to sign on to promote health and equity in Climate Action.

See call for action here for read the highlights:

  • Expand conservation of agricultural lands and natural spaces.
  • Reduce the health and climate harms of industrial animal production by strengthening air and water pollution rules for CAFOs and incentivizing healthy soils and carbon sequestration.
  • Establish a Council on Environmental Literacy to integrate environmental and climate literacy in K-12 and undergraduate education and support states in development of climate curricula.
  • Phase out extraction of fossil fuels. Issue an Executive Order to halt all new fossil fuel lease sales and permits for new fossil fuel infrastructure, phase out existing extraction, and ban fracking on federal lands and waters.
  • Implement, support and incentivize improved forest management in public and private working forests to protect forest health and prevent wildfires.
  • Commit to the preservation of public lands for public use and natural carbon sinks. Reverse rollbacks of land protections, and invest in the backlog of public lands projects and parks maintenance.

We encourage physicians, nurses and all other healthcare workers to get involved.