The Dangers of Gas Stoves

It’s time we passed a law prohibiting gas appliances in new construction. Not only do they pollute the community airshed, they cause significant indoor nitrogen oxide pollution for those homes that have them.

Indoor nitrogen dioxide emissions from running a [gas] stove and oven can rival that from outdoor levels the EPA would consider illegal. Indeed, UCLA data shows California’s biggest source of NO2 emissions comes not from power plants, but from gas appliances.

If you do have a gas stove, it is important to use ventilation, whenever the stove is in use. If you have the resources, consider upgrading to an electric stove for your health and the environment.

As more municipalities have moved to phase gas lines out of new buildings to cut down on methane emissions, gas utilities have gone on the defensive, launching anti-electrification campaigns across the country.

Beginning in the 1990s, the gas industry faced an extra challenge: the mounting evidence that gas in our homes causes serious health problems. Its main strategy has been to exploit the lack of regulation and the uncertainties of science to help lull the public into indifference. Environmentalists say the strategy harkens back to how the tobacco industry fought evidence of the dangers of smoking.


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