UIPA removes west-side reps from community advisory council

Salt Lake City leaders say it appears the Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) “is still struggling to conduct business in a way that translates as legitimate and transparent.”

UIPA should be ashamed of themselves. An unelected board that is making decisions that will negatively affect residents on the Westside who have no voice in the process.  What little voice they did have has now been stifled.

The removal of Westpointe Community Council Board Chairwoman Dorothy Owen and former Westside Coalition leader Richard Holman — both of whom have been outspoken about the potential harms the port project could have on their community — was done without explanation late last month. 


Removing these two outspoken community leaders is another demonstration of the lack of transparency and accountability from the UIPA.

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Photo by Scott Sommerdorf from the Salt Lake Tribune