Mega Warehouses in CA, a Smog Source, Face New Rule

A plan aimed at the nation’s largest cluster of warehouses is designed to spur electrification of pollution-spewing diesel trucks and could set a template for restrictions elsewhere.

The NY Times published a major story on Saturday on a recent ruling by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District’s board. The new ruling sets a precedent for cracking down on pollution from the exploding e-commerce industry (like Salt Lake’s inland port), which has grown even more during the pandemic and has led to a spectacular increase in warehouse construction.

“Vast warehouse hubs have sprung up across the country, including in the Lehigh Valley in eastern Pennsylvania, as have sprawling installations in New Jersey, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.”

There are four take-away messages here. 

1. Inland ports are indeed a pollution disaster. 

2. The best way to prevent that disaster is never let it happen in the first place. 

3. Massive warehouse farms perpetuate and exacerbate classic environmental justice inequities. 

4. Other cities are rushing to do the same thing which will diminish any uniqueness or economic boom from Salt Lake City trying to do the same thing.

More reasons to say NO to a dirty energy inland port in Salt Lake City.