Your 4th of July celebrations are likely polluting local air and water

UPHE is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of Utah residents by promoting health education and interventions that result in measurable improvements to the environment.

Even though fireworks displays are relatively brief, the pollution is very intense, and can linger for several hours into the early morning. In fact, the most toxic particles are the smallest, “ultrafines,” and they can remain in the atmosphere for several days. A 2015 nationwide survey by government scientists found that for the 24-hr period of 8 pm on July 4th to 8 pm on July 5th, particulate pollution levels spike throughout the country to an average of 42% higher than normal summer days.

We believe that there are several solutions to dramatically improve the air quality in Utah. Banning fireworks this summer would significantly reduce air pollution, improve our health, our children’s health and safety, and reduce the risk of wildfires during this unprecedented drought.