We Need Specifics, not Slick Promises, from Inland Port Authority, Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board Writes

Controversial creation of Utah Inland Port Authority has focused attention on promises and perils of the area’s future.

Salt Lake Tribune’s Editorial Board recently published an opinion piece in which it echoes many of the concerns that UPHE and the Stop the Polluting Port Coalition have been expressing for awhile now.  Considering June was the hottest month on record for Utah, the last thing we need is the dirty energy inland port. 

“So far, despite outspoken opposition that on occasion has turned violent, the Port Authority Board and staff have not done nearly enough to show the public that its plans are transparent and responsive enough to justify public oversight and concern. What the plan noticeably lacks is numbers. How many square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space? How many jobs? How many minimum-wage, or even Amazon-wage jobs and how many highly paid engineering and management jobs? How much water will be used and how will it affect the area’s wetlands?” –Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board

Read Salt Lake Tribune editorial here.