Pediatricians Urge Utahns to get Their Kids Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Before School Starts

With the resurgence of the COVID pandemic from the delta variant, there are increasing calls for a return to mask mandates. The Surgeon General made that call over the weekend. Pandemic fatigue, poor public policy, and the politicization and disinformation about the pandemic and the vaccine has made the pandemic so much worse, and dragged it out so much longer than needed. We echo the call of many other physicians and the Surgeon General to resume mask-wearing in public places. Please get vaccinated, and get school children vaccinated if they haven’t already been.

“But it [a serious vaccine complication] is extraordinarily rare. For every case of myocarditis that might occur with vaccination, it’s estimated that it will prevent some 14,200 cases, about 400 hospitalizations and three deaths,” Pavia said. “We’ve seen a few cases of myocarditis that have not been serious. People are recovering well.”

As Dr. Fauci and others have said recently, if the radical right wing disinformation and propaganda campaign, and social media had been around 80 years ago, we would still have millions of people stricken by outbreaks of polio, smallpox, hepatitis, measles, mumps, diphtheria, and whooping cough today.

Read more here: Deseret News story July 16, 2021

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