Bad Air Continues, an Indoor Air Filter Hack

Another massive heat dome is setting up across much of the continental U.S. during the next few weeks, and “it could be the most expansive in the country so far” during this already record-breaking hot summer, further aggravating drought and wildfires.

“Forests across the West are already burning at a scope and intensity that’s unusual for this time of year. Drought data released Thursday showed that what is already the worst Western drought so far this century is only intensifying. Any additional heat will aggravate an already dire situation.”

We urge everyone to protect themselves by limiting your time outdoors, and using your air purifiers while indoors. UPHE Board Member Dr. Kirtly Jones suggests that people who can’t afford an air purifier can set up something very similar at about one-third of the cost. You can get a regular room fan, and tape a couple of hepa filters behind it, and accomplish pretty much exactly the same thing.

View from U of U via KSL Weathercam

With virtually constant high ozone and wildfire smoke all summer we are entering a distressing new “normal.” The last thing we need is to add more locally generated pollution from the inland port, or from the SLC Mosquito Abatement District’s unleashing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pesticides from the sky in a vain attempt to kill mosquitoes from airplanes.

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