UPHE Weighs in on the Air Pollution from Western Wildfires

“Why are these air pollution spikes so dangerous?” Dr. Moench told EnviroNews that for some people, just a single exposure to this kind of thick particulate contamination can be devastating. ‘”If you have a one-day spike in air pollution in a large community, we’ll see mortality rates increase within a couple of days, but they won’t go back to normal for probably, in many cases, weeks.”

“What’s more,” Dr. Monech said, “not many people realize how dangerous these upticks are. It’s awful.” he said. “Most people think that once the air clears up from an air pollution spike, everything’s good to go, but that’s not the case. There are still biological consequences that linger long after.”

UPHE in at the News:

Dr. Ellie Brownstein, Dr. Moench
EnviroNews California, July 28, 2021

Photo: Bureau of Land Management