No to the Bear River Development Project

Despite numerous, recent national stories on the rapidly shrinking Great Salt Lake, and all the consequences that it’s already creating, state officials, no doubt pushed by key legislators with their heads firmly stuck in the sand, are still pushing the Bear River Project. This would only increase the struggle for water of the already starving GSL. In addition to all the other environmental consequences, it would increase the toxic dust blown all over the Wasatch Front from expanding dry beaches.

“Bear River Development is a welfare project for water lobbyists and contractors. There is no need for Bear River water on the Wasatch Front. Period.”

We’ve said this before, but the only thing that can keep growing indefinitely is cancer, that is until it kills its host. Unlimited population growth and unlimited yards covered with Kentucky bluegrass, is not possible in a desert, and that would be true even without an accelerating climate crisis. But with rising temperatures, increasing air pollution, and a worsening mega drought, we cannot continue with this kind of unsustainable development.

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Photo by Ken Lund