Utah 30×30 – Take the Survey

Have you heard about 30×30? It’s a science-based proposal to protect 30% of land and water in the United States by 2030 to help solve the climate crisis and biodiversity loss! 

This important opportunity to protect natural landscapes is part of the Biden administration’s plan to address the climate crisis. Utah’s redrock wilderness, the Wasatch Mountains and foothills, and Great Salt Lake are examples of the at-risk places that need protection.

UPHE is part of the Utah 30×30 coalition and our first step toward achieving 30×30 is identifying landscapes in need of protection.  In Utah a growing, diverse coalition of individuals, conservation organizations, businesses, faith communities, and more, are joining together to develop a 30×30 proposal for Utah.  The proposal will include publicly owned lands (private lands will only be included upon landowner agreement).

Ensure you voice what YOU want to see protected!

We’ve created a short survey that makes it easy for you to do so! Your answers will help the coalition to understand what is important to Utahns, as we develop a Utah 30×30 proposal, and work to protect the amazing landscapes we love for the health of humans, wildlife and the planet.

Voice your opinions in the survey here!