Utah governor should admit the Uinta Basin Railway’s grave risks

Deeda Seed, one of our partners in the Utah Clean Infrastructure Coalition (UCIC), wrote an excellent Op Ed for the Salt Lake Tribune, expressing concerns and addressing misnomers about the Uinta Basin Railway. The Op Ed urges Governor Cox to admit the serious environmental and health concerns this project brings about. 

The Uinta Basin Railway Project is a direct contradiction to the Biden administration’s promise to reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. The project actually aims to quadruple oil extraction. The railroad’s risks run far beyond oil extraction though- it also risks increasing wildfires, polluting streams, and destroying wildlife habitat. 

“It doesn’t have to be like this. Together we can reduce carbon pollution, transition away from oil and gas extraction, and clean up the air and water that all life depends on.”

Read the full op ed here.