Utah business fined $2 million after dumping chemicals into storm drain for years

A livestock and agricultural fertilizer company, Cytozyme Laboratories, was fined $2 million for dumping toxic waste into Salt Lake City’s sewer system. KUTV2 News asked UPHE to weigh in. We released the below statement from our President, Dr. Brian Moench in response.

“It appears as though this company lied about their practices to get their original business license, and then engaged in repeated egregious, deliberately reckless behavior, knowingly dumping toxic waste, including a witches brew of heavy metals and corrosive acids into the sewer system. If so, this is clearly criminal behavior. I don’t think that a monetary fine, even if it is a large fine by historical standards, is enough to deter this company and many others from contaminating our environment and endangering public health. It is too easy for them to look at this as the cost of doing business. Jail time for executives would be far more effective in protecting the public.”

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